Children’s Author Curt Harding

At the Greenway Art Festival Manny the mantis met Curt Harding author of A Tail of two Kitties. Curt Harding

In A Tail of Two Kitties, author Curt Harding tells the delightful and heartwarming tale of two cats who spend so much of their time focusing on their differences, that they almost missed out on a beautiful friendship. Children love how a seemingly impossible situation brings these two characters together – Literally!
– press release.

His favorite character, a praying mantis.

About Chris

I have always been interested in art. I am also a huge fantasy/science fiction fan. I have combined my both passions into his Fairy Photography and Toy Photography. In May 2007 I was named a Froudian Artist of the Month for my Fantasy site, Yoda archives is my toy photography site.
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